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Common forms of reducer lubricant failure

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Common forms of reducer lubricant failure

Lubricating oil failures often cause a series of equipment problems. For example, in mechanical transmission equipment, reducers, as a typical key equipment, are now widely used in electric machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery and other fields. The reducer is mainly composed of transmission shafts, bearings, gear pairs and other components. In actual work and operation, poor working conditions and overloaded operation will often damage reducer components and cause uneven operation of equipment.

Common faults of reducer lubricants mostly appear in the form of wear, deformation, heat generation, and pollution.

1)Poor lubrication will cause noise and vibration of the metal to cause environmental pollution.

After the reducer is started, a continuous and loud rasping sound may be caused by foreign matter stuck, severe gear wear, or bearing damage; sometimes, the reducer may vibrate greatly, which may be due to bearing, gear wear or transmission The device configuration is not good. Under the above circumstances, a certain degree of environmental pollution will be caused, which will cause safety hazards at the production site and affect the normal operation of the reducer.

2) The oil temperature is too high and the reducer parts are damaged

During the operation of the reducer due to overload or insufficient lubricating oil, the oil temperature in the machine body will rise rapidly, so that some parts in the machine body will be damaged; some parts have large thermal deformation, which reduces the precision of the reducer; some parts Due to the high temperature, the strength of the material is reduced, which causes damage to the parts, which in turn causes serious power consumption of the reducer and equipment problems such as malfunctioning. In this case, the transmission parts may be jammed, causing problems such as uneven mechanical operation.

3) Oil leaks in the box, causing environmental pollution

The oil-filled parts in the reducer were leaking oil due to loose screws or damaged seals during operation. Sometimes because the oil level is too high or foam is generated, oil leakage at the vent plug can also cause environmental pollution.

4) The gear pair lubrication effect is not good, and problems such as tooth surface wear occur

The reducer runs in a relatively harsh environment, and it is difficult to form a stable and good oil film between the meshing surfaces, so that the surface has problems such as pitting and abrasion, which will cause the tooth surface to fail and affect the normal operation of the reducer.

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