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Taixinglong 2013 National Day Party held as scheduled

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Taixinglong 2013 National Day Party held as scheduled

On September 30th, our auditorium held the annual \"National Day Celebration\". The attendees included Chairman Ding Guoqi, leaders of brother units, factory party committee, factory administration, employees and family members. The chairman gave an opening speech, expressing festive congratulations and sincere greetings to everyone! The evening party is composed of two parts: theatrical performance and quality technical knowledge. The wonderful performances and accurate answers fully reflected the versatility of our employees and the rigorous and lively atmosphere of the factory. All questions about quality inspection and control are randomly selected, but all of them cannot give a complete and accurate answer from the front-line workers, indicating that the concept of \"quality is life\" has penetrated into the thinking of every Taixinglong employee. The so-called \"frozen three feet is not a day's cold\", really achieved \"everyone is quality inspection\". This time the company launched the \"Taixinglong Dream Fund\" of up to 300,000 yuan to reward \"Taixinglong outstanding employees\" who actively answer questions and perform talent shows. The knowledge response session and the award of the Dream Fund pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax. Looking back on the 9 months passed by Taixinglong this year, after the whole factory's concerted and fruitful work, all the work of our factory has achieved fruitful results. The achievement is hard-won. In the final analysis, it is the result of our clear goals, clear thinking, effective and effective measures, and vigorous implementation; it is the result of our factory's management cadres and employees at all levels of tenacious hard work, innovation, and pioneering; it is our cooperation with The results of joint progress, mutual benefit and common development of all affiliated companies; it is also the result of the strong support of local governments. At the end of the party, everyone stood up and sang \"Singing the Motherland\" in unison. So far, the whole party came to a successful conclusion. I sincerely wish our motherland's economy will be more prosperous and people's lives will be more prosperous!

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