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  • 2020-05-07
    Credit Information Disclosure Commitment
  • 2017-02-21
    There are some tips in the use of the reducer to make your reducer better: 1. After 200 to 300 hours of operation, the oil should be changed for the first time, and the quality of the oil should be checked regularly in future use. Impurities or deteriorated oil must be replaced in time.
  • 2016-11-14
    1. Assembly technical requirements of the reducer 1. Gear tooth backlash and contact spots should meet the design requirements 2. The inner ring of the bearing must be close to the shaft shoulder or distance ring; it cannot pass the inspection with a 0.05mm feeler gauge 3. Tapered roller The allowable axial clearance of the bearing should meet the requirements. 4. The unprocessed inner surface of the base, box cover and other parts and the unprocessed surface of the gear should be painted with primer and red paint.
  • 2016-06-14
    Jiangsu Taixinglong Reducer Co., Ltd. successfully shipped the steel rolling special reducer customized for a steel mill
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