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About the compilation of \"China General Machinery Industry Yearbook\"

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About the compilation of \"China General Machinery Industry Yearbook\"

Nine issues are issued. It has received general attention from relevant government departments, user industries, domestic and foreign manufacturing companies, trading companies, and consulting agencies, and is highly valued by industry insiders. \"Tongji Yearbook\" is systematic, authoritative and practical. It is an important source of information and reference for enterprises to analyze market situations, formulate development strategies, and explore business ideas. It plays an important role in improving the company's reputation at home and abroad and the market share of its products. Industry enterprises can write their own achievements in 2012 in terms of business management philosophy, product structure adjustment, development mode transformation, technological innovation and breakthroughs, and production and operation. The materials and manuscripts that meet the requirements submitted by industry enterprises will be included in the 2013 issue of \"Tongji Yearbook\" free of charge (except for advertisements). The manuscript was completed before July 30, 2013 and submitted in electronic version. Contact person for drafting work: 1. Li Chunli, Speed ​​Reducer Branch Tel: (022) 24325185 Email: crva2828@sina.com 2. Li Duoying, China General Machinery Industry Association Tel: (010) 88393520-818 Email: liduoying@163. com Reduced Gearbox Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association May 28, 2013

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