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Processing center,imported high precision equipment

  • The horizontal machining center imported from Korea adopts fanuc31i system from Japan. With APC and ATC, it can realize the functions of boring, milling, drilling, tapping and automatic detection with high precision and high efficiency.
  • VMC 1100 vertical machining center adopts the Japanese fan oimd operating system, which can realize the functions of three-axis three linkage and 24 cutter automatic exchange, and has the functions of boring, milling, reaming, drilling, tapping and automatic chip removal, with high precision and high efficiency, and the accuracy is above grade 6.

Gear grinding and hobbing equipment workshop

  • Niles gear grinding machine imported from Germany is suitable for gear processing with high quality and high precision. The quality of external teeth can reach grade 3, and the quality of internal teeth can reach grade 4 (according to German dn3962 standard). The structure is compact, high toughness and shock absorption cast iron. The Siemens 840D control system is adopted. It is ergonomically designed, and the machine tool has good accessibility. The operator's standing height is on the floor of the workshop.
  • Yk7380 CNC high precision gear grinding machine has the advantages of simple operation, high precision, high efficiency, high reliability and stability, and high degree of automation. The machine tool is full closed-loop control, with a wide variety of processing objects and flexible gear profile and tooth direction modification.
Hardened teeth, metalworking, heat treatment, box equipment workshop
  • Production department, equipment department, metalworking workshop, box workshop, heat treatment workshop, assembly workshop, paint workshop, physical and chemical room, measurement room, testing room, with 186 sets of domestic first-class production and testing equipment, continuously introducing foreign advanced technology, professional research and development, production of various types of reducer.
Testing equipment
  • The company has precision testing equipment to inspect, measure and test reducer products. Effective control, strict control, provide quality products!
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