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"Taixinglong" awarded "Jiangsu famous brand"

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In 2010 the company received Nanjing City Administration for Industry and notice "Taixinglong trademarks Jiangsu Province Administration for Industry and Commerce as" Jiangsu Taixinglong". This is following the "Jiangsu Famous Brand" and then winning.


Taixinglong reducer brand carries the rich connotation of the national science and technology, more than 10 years the company's growth, development and growth directly benefit from the maintenance and nurturing of brands and trademarks, "Taixinglong" won "in Jiangsu Province", the industry authorities, industry associations and market recognized "Taixinglong" brand. In the future, too booming trademark will be subject to strict legal protection for the company's development to provide strong legal protection. The company will be eligible Jiangsu Province "as an opportunity to redouble our efforts to improve product quality and management quality,Taixinglong" trademark to create the "China Famous Brand".

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