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Taixinglong reducer second half of the new target

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Years Parade

1-8 months of 2011, Taixinglong reducer Group actively explore, to speed up the pace, to continue to build, to show brilliant; Taixinglong soldiers morale is high-spirited, meet challenges, I feel great mission, responsibility!


It should be said, Taixinglong development of performance is obvious. The first half of the year, the work of the Group too is booming, clear thinking, focused, a lot of determination, a lot of innovative measures is very real, fruitful. But do not forget this, we have a number of bottlenecks and short board need to attach great importance to strengthen efforts to address. In this regard, we must have a dialectical way of thinking, the vision of development, scientific behavior.

The reality tells us that the second half of the year, is both Taixinglong development of golden period of opportunity, but also too prosperous period of prominent of all kinds of deep-seated contradictions. The objectives of the Group's Taixinglong, demanding, time is very tight, very difficult, unusual usual. Can imagine, in order to successfully complete the production plan, ensuring high-quality annual target, effectively undertake such a great second pioneering historical mission of the cage for a bird, fast turning, Taixinglong responsibility to play a significant extent, will certainly far beyond the past.

Moreover, the current, the times changing environment both at home and abroad are the shrunk, reducer competition in the market environment is different from the past, take the initiative to improve environmental management in the same industry is more than unusual, Taixinglong platform development environment earth-shaking.

Look around to face the daunting task to meet the grim situation, we only further change ideas, to enhance the overall quality, enhance innovation capacity and improve the texture of products and management, in order to effectively guarantee the sustained brilliance Taixinglong continues its legendary.

For this reason, in this historical juncture, combined with Taixinglong strategic development goals for the next five years, we will have to consider the greater good, bearing in mind the responsibility Taixinglong development, bearing in mind the image of the industry in the country which, keep in mind the social harmony component. Must always adhere to development is the last word, the unwavering quality development is the main line; should always adhere to the harmony and happiness to the people-oriented full-core.

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