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Future development trend of planetary reducer

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Future development trend of planetary reducer

Planetary reducer is an industrial product with a wide range of uses. Its performance is comparable to other military-grade reducer products, but it has the price of industrial-grade products. Planetary reducers are widely used in East China and North China, and are used in a wide range of industries. occasion. It can also be used as a supporting component in industries such as lifting, excavation, transportation, and construction.

In recent years, reducer manufacturing occupies an extremely important position in my country's machinery manufacturing industry, and its applications range from transportation to construction machinery, from common clocks and appliances in life to automated production equipment in factories, and almost all mechanical transmission systems A reducer is required in both. Because of the wide range of applications of reducers, the types of reducers developed according to actual application requirements are very rich. Planetary reducers are small reducers produced to meet special needs.

The planetary reducer is smaller in size, so the internal device and design are more precise and compact. Compared with the larger reducer, the planetary reducer is more difficult to achieve the same reducer. In order for the planetary reducer to meet the actual requirements of the application, a smaller and more powerful motor should be accelerated. In gear transmission, how to better maintain gears has always been a problem that plagues the development of planetary reducers. Because the design of the planetary reducer is more precise, the friction generated by the gear during operation is greater, and lubrication becomes a more critical issue during operation.

In summary, with the improvement of industrial construction level, the future market development space of planetary reducer will become more and more open.

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