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How does temperature affect the worm gear motor?

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How does temperature affect the worm gear motor?

The worm gear motor achieves the deceleration effect of the motor or engine through the meshing between the worm gear and the worm. Therefore, the role of the worm gear here is very important.

The high temperature generated by this friction will cause the internal parts of the worm geared motor to expand due to heat, reducing the precision of the parts, and then causing a series of failures, such as oil leakage, burned parts, increased wear and so on.

These temperature effects on the worm gear motor are very bad. Therefore, we should add a better lubricant between the worm gears of the worm gear motor to reduce friction;

Or choose a worm gear motor with a better worm gear structure design to reduce the friction force of the meshing action, and then avoid the influence of the temperature change on the worm gear motor.

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