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How to install planetary gear reducer correctly

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How to install planetary gear reducer correctly

The correct installation and maintenance of the planetary gear reducer is the key to ensuring normal operation. Therefore, when you install the planetary gear reducer, please install it strictly according to the following installation sequence.

First of all: Before installation, confirm whether the motor and planetary gear reducer are all in good condition, and strictly whether the dimensions of each part adjacent to the drive motor and the reducer are aligned. This refers to the size and common service between the positioning boss and shaft diameter of the drive motor flange and the positioning groove and aperture of the reducer flange; wipe and dispose of the common appearance of dirt and burrs.

Secondly: Unscrew the screw plug on the process hole on the side of the flange of the reducer, rotate the input end of the reducer, align the cap of the hexagon socket screw with the process hole, insert the hexagon socket tool to loosen the hexagon socket screw.

Step 3: Hold the drive motor so that the keyway on the shaft is perpendicular to the screw in the input end hole of the reducer, and insert the drive motor shaft into the input end hole of the reducer. When inserting, it must be ensured that the concentricity of both is equal and the flanges on both sides are parallel. It seems that there is a difference in heart degree, etc. or the two flanges are inflexible. The reason must be investigated. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use hammering during installation, which can prevent excessive axial or radial force from damaging the bearings of the two bearings, and can determine whether the two are in line with the feel of the device. The key to decisively that the two have the same concentricity and flange parallelism: after the two are inserted into each other, the two flanges are basically tightly attached and the loopholes are the same.

Step 4: In order to ensure that the connecting force of the two flanges is symmetrical, first screw the fastening screws of the drive motor arbitrarily, but do not tighten them; then gradually tighten the four fastening screws diagonally; finally tighten the planetary gear Hold the screw in the input end hole of the reducer. Be sure to tighten the fastening screws of the drive motor first, and then tighten the screws at the input end of the reducer.

Meticulous: The accurate placement between the reducer and the machine setting equipment is similar to the accurate placement between the planetary gear reducer and the drive motor. The key is to ensure the concentricity between the output shaft of the planetary reducer and the input shaft of the driven department.

With the continuous and in-depth growth of control motor applications, the application of planetary gear reducers in the field of activity control transmission will also increase.

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