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Reducer sensor and process analysis

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Reducer sensor to adapt to the conditions such as to ensure that the workpiece surface to meet the requirements of theuniform layer distribution, high electrical efficiency, a sufficient mechanical strength, easy to operate, easy installation and adjustment in design and manufacture. Along the tooth groove IF quenching sensor connected to the edge of the board, the connecting plate, toothed part and guide magnet First, sensors along the linear motion of the tooth groove; sensor along thegrooves linear motion while because reducer the sensor height remains unchanged, the gear shaft helical gear, gear shaftmust be according to the size of the helix angle rotary motion.

If the accumulation of gas in the top of the pump, reducer gas is gradually increased so that the oil level in the pump pistonupper part of the mouth, the pump skill be affected, making the pump to build pressure efficiency, causing the oil pump toensure that the sensor into the long-running or frequently suppressed by the end of guide bar before the tooth groove-oriented,and guide bar should continue to guide a certain distance before the sensor away from the workpiece; guide bar in height, front and rear, left and right within a certain range can be adjusted to make it smooth oriented.

The the deceleration machine process means a mechanical combination of the use of a float add Gearing is simple and reliable. The airtightness of the apparatus after 2 times the actual pressure test.

Toothed square copper production turns the sensor head, the head outer surface of the tooth surface reducer sensor gap is 2mm.Feedback on the practical application of the process device,install the device's circuit breaker has not frequentlysuppressed defect verification stage to obtain the desired results. 

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