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Comparison of the characteristics of a variety of reducer

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Experts teach you the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of reducer:

1, the most important feature of the worm gear is reverse self-locking function, and with a larger reduction ratio compared toother types of reducer, worm gear of the input, the output shaft is not on the same axis, not even in on the same plane. But it also has its own drawbacks, that is, the worm gear transmission efficiency is not high enough, the precision is not very high.

2, harmonic reducer Harmonic Drive is the use of the controllable elastic deformation of the flexible element to transmit motion and power, its small size and high precision, but its drawback is flexible element - the service life of the flexible wheel limited, and the impact of intolerance, the rigidity of the metal member are relatively poor. , Harmonic gear there is a drawback is thatits input speed is not too high, there are certain restrictions.

3, planetary gearhead advantages: compact structure, the return gap is smaller, the accuracy is relatively high, compared to theharmonic gear its use of time is relatively long, it also has a larger output torque characteristics, but Since its performance isbetter, the price is also slightly more expensive some.

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