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Reducer inductor and process analysis

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Reducer inductor and process analysis

The reducer sensor is designed and manufactured to ensure that the surface of the workpiece has a uniform layer distribution that meets the requirements, high electrical efficiency, sufficient mechanical strength, easy installation and adjustment, and convenient operation. The mid-frequency quenching inductor along the tooth groove is mainly composed of an edge plate, a connecting plate, a tooth-shaped part and a magnetic conductor. The height of the sensor remains unchanged, and the gear shaft is a helical tooth, so the gear shaft must rotate according to the helix angle.
If the gas accumulates on the top of the pump, the gas in the reducer will gradually increase so that the oil level in the pump is below the upper part of the piston port, and the pump power will be affected, which will reduce the pressure building efficiency of the oil pump, causing the oil pump to run for a long time or frequent pressure to ensure that the sensor enters The guide rod has already started to guide before the tooth groove, and the guide rod must continue to guide a certain distance before the sensor leaves the workpiece; the height, front, back, left and right of the guide rod can be adjusted within a certain range to make it guide smoothly.
The technological device of the reducer utilizes the mechanical combination of floating ball and lever to be simple and reliable. The airtightness of the device has been tested in 2 times the actual pressure difference.
Make a two-turn sensor head with a square copper tube according to the tooth shape, so that the gap between the outer surface of the reducer sensor head and the tooth surface is 2mm. Through feedback on the actual application of the technological device, the circuit breaker installed with the device did not have the defect of frequent suppression, and the staged verification achieved the expected effect.

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