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Reducer should reasonably choose lubricating oil and use it correctly

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Reducer should reasonably choose lubricating oil and use it correctly

The reducer can only prevent and solve the lubricating oil faults and ensure the normal operation of the reducer by manpowering the reducer in terms of reasonable selection, correct use, effective maintenance, and effective early fault diagnosis.

1) Reasonably choose lubricating oil

The lubricating oil should be selected scientifically and reasonably according to the workload, friction form and operating environment of the reducer. Because of different types of lubricants, their lubricating performance is different. details as follows:(1)For high-speed reducer gears, the gear oil should have low viscosity and good fluidity.(2)For low-speed gears, which are often heavy-duty gears, it is necessary to choose a lubricant with good wear resistance in consideration of gear impact.(3)For the reducer under low temperature operation, in order to ensure the effective operation of the gear, low condensation gear oil should be selected, so as to ensure the smooth flow of lubricating oil. And the freezing point of gear oil should be lower than the working temperature5℃ around. At the same time, pay special attention to the viscosity of the lubricating oil. If the viscosity is too low, a good oil film cannot be formed, and it is easy to cause the friction pair to be burned.

2) Use lubricating oil correctly

First of all, before adding lubricating oil, you must ensure that the oiler is clean and strictly avoid impurities in the oil tank. Then, the amount of lubricating oil should be appropriate. During the operation, you can check the supplementation of lubricating oil according to the relevant instructions to ensure the proper amount of oil. Finally, the lubricating oil should be inspected from time to time. For abnormal indicators in the oil test, the cause must be found out in time to take effective measures to prevent further contamination of the oil. Of course, the lubricant needs to be replaced when necessary.

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