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Some tips for choosing a reducer

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Some tips for choosing a reducer

There are many types of reducers on the market, and each type of machine has its own role. Different reducers are suitable for different industries, and the structure of different reducers is not the same. Although the diversified reducer reflects the retrofit of reducer technology, it is flourishing. But at the same time, for buyers, choosing a reducer suitable for their own industry is also a bit cumbersome. More importantly, if you accidentally choose the wrong machine, it may cause damage to the machine used in the work and make it more troublesome. The thing is, once the work efficiency is affected, it may bring more losses and a series of chain reactions. It can be seen that the selection of a reducer also requires a certain theoretical basis and certain skills. Next, the article will explain in detail to you to choose a reducer suitable for your industry, and what choices should be made skill. The first step for us to buy a reducer, we must first determine the purpose of our purchase. For the classification of reducers, it can be divided into many small categories such as gear reducers, worm reducers, etc., but for us, we can change the way first. In general, you must first determine whether you are buying an imported reducer or a domestic reducer, because as a different manufacturer, it has its own naming method. If you don’t figure this out, you may give it to the following Work brings troubles. Secondly, we must have a technical drawing that reflects the structure or style of the reducer. Because when we get the various parameters of the reducer, we can better analyze whether it is suitable or not for our production. Here, we need to have a wealth of theoretical knowledge to investigate what we know with reference to parameters. This requires a lot of accumulation and some experience. We must continue to learn the technology of the reducer. From what we have said above, we need to know certain parameters of the reducer. Which parameters do we need to know? This will be explained in detail here. What determines the calibration of the thermal power in the reducer? Is the temperature of the surrounding environment. This is a piece of data we need to analyze. As a cycloid reducer, there should be a motor inside it. What is the number of stages of this motor, what is appropriate and inappropriate, and what its power is, we also need to do in-depth Analysis, in addition, the safety factor of the reducer, whether everyone's safety can be reliably guaranteed, is the top priority and must not be ignored. There is also the equipment on which the reducer is used, and the possible results of using it, which is absolutely not to be sloppy. The radial force and axial force of the output shaft of the reducer should also be checked. The above mentioned some things about analyzing the parameters of the reducer. Of course, if you want to analyze the reducer in detail, you need some calculation formulas, such as the torque calculation formula of the reducer, which is skipped here. In short, choosing a suitable reducer is not a simple matter. Sometimes you can ask professionals to help you choose. Only choosing the most suitable machine can provide the greatest help.

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