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Taixinglong Spring Outing in 2014

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Taixinglong Spring Outing in 2014

At 7 o'clock in the morning on April 30, the Taixinglong factory area was active and orderly, and the employees entered the designated tourist bus. The mighty motorcade headed for the morning glow to Yixing, a tourist destination known as the \"Tao Capital\"! Singing and laughing along the way fully demonstrated the vigor and vigor! At this moment, everyone has forgotten their position, their worries, and their work, and their body and mind are completely relaxed. In \"Tao City\", everyone experienced the pleasant scenery of nature and tasted the unique local food. The tense \"drifting\" makes everyone feel the excitement at the same time, \"as long as you are not afraid of difficulties and face them, you will eventually get the joy of victory\"!

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