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Taixinglong Workers' Congress 2013

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Taixinglong Workers' Congress 2013

In order to further give play to the role of the workers’ congress and fully protect, mobilize and give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of employees, after the research of the company’s trade union and the approval of the general manager, our company held the \"Twelfth Taixinglong\" on December 31, 2013 Workers Congress\". 112 delegates attended the meeting and 112 attended. First of all, General Manager Ding Guoqi delivered a speech, welcoming new employees in 2013, and briefly described the functions and importance of our company's employee representative conference. Next, the trade union representatives read out and explained the \"Taixinglong 2013 Revised Employee Handbook\" to everyone. Because the manual is related to the company's development and the vital interests of all employees, everyone actively participated in the discussion and spoke at the meeting. Finally, all staff representatives voted unanimously by a show of hands!

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