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Taixinglong reducer brand new goals in the second half of the year

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Taixinglong reducer brand new goals in the second half of the year

Mid-Year Tour

From January to August 2011, Taixinglong Reducer Group actively explored, accelerated its pace, continued to expand its achievements, and showed its brilliance; Taixinglong’s soldiers were high-spirited and faced challenges, feeling a great mission and great responsibility!

It should be said that Taixinglong's development achievements are obvious to all. In the first half of the year, Taixinglong Group had clear thinking, clear focus, great determination, many innovations, practical measures, and fruitful results in various tasks. But don't forget, among these, we still have some bottlenecks and shortcomings that need to be paid attention to and resolved quickly. In this regard, we must have dialectical thinking, developmental vision, and scientific behavior.

Reality tells us that the second half of the year is not only a golden opportunity period for Taixinglong's development, but also a period of highlighting various deep-seated contradictions of Taixinglong. The goals of the Taixinglong Group are very demanding, time-critical, and difficult. They are extraordinary. It is conceivable that if we want to successfully complete the production plan, guarantee the high quality of the annual goal, and effectively shoulder the great historical mission of \"fighting the cage, changing the bird, and turning quickly\", the responsibility of the people of Taixinglong is of great significance. , Is definitely far beyond the past.

Moreover, the current changing environment at home and abroad is not what it used to be. The competitive environment in the reducer market is also different from the past. The active promotion of the environment in the same industry is even more unusual, and the development environment of each platform of Taixinglong is already different. Earthshaking.

Looking around, facing the arduous tasks and facing the grim situation, we can only further change our thinking and concepts, improve the overall quality, enhance the innovation ability, and improve the quality of products and management, in order to effectively ensure the continued glory of Taixinglong and continue the legend.

For this reason, at this historical juncture, combined with Taixinglong’s strategic development goals for the next five years, we must put the overall situation in mind, keep in mind our responsibilities in the development of Taixinglong, keep in mind the image in the national industry, and keep in mind the social harmony. Weight. We must always insist that development is the last word, and unswerving quality development is the main line; we must always insist on harmony, people-oriented happiness and all employees are the core.

Focusing on the main line and core, the group must focus on quality improvement and not relax, focus on talent construction and not relax, focus on management upgrade and not relax, focus on R&D breakthroughs and not relax, focus on brand development and not relax, and focus on project construction. Pay close attention to resource integration and not relax, and pay close attention to the improvement of all employees.

Around the main line and core, the people of Taixinglong must strive hard, fight with great wisdom, and advance with high quality. Among them, Taixinglong’s leading cadres must, in particular, be close to the integration of people, must be based on better, faster, newer, more practical, and more capable, and work together to push all tasks to a new level.

Based on better, Taixinglong’s various business developments must strive towards better goals; based on faster, Taixinglong’s investment and operation, production and marketing, quality improvement, management upgrades, etc. must create conditions to accelerate; Based on renewal, Taixinglong’s entrepreneurial development concepts, methods and methods must be good at innovating and upgrading in time; based on more practicality, it is Taixinglong’s various rules and regulations, the implementation of various tasks, the improvement of various assessments, and \"People-oriented\" must be implemented; based on better ability, that is, the various organizational teams of Taixinglong must strengthen the construction of learning teams to be more capable of execution, communication, collaboration, innovation, and ability Change can make a leap.

In half a year, the current Tai Xinglong is full of energy and sings forward; nowadays Tai Xinglong is vying for the current, and the drums of war are tense.

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