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The basic treatment method of hard gear reducer wear

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The basic treatment method of hard gear reducer wear

As a component of the transmission products of automation equipment and other mechanical equipment, the hard tooth surface reducer has the advantages of small size, high life, high precision and no oil leakage. Its stability plays an important role in the entire transmission system. Its gears are made of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel by carburizing and quenching. The gears have high hardness. The gears adopt CNC gear grinding technology, which has the characteristics of high density, good contact, high transmission efficiency, stable operation and low noise. It also has strong pitting resistance and wear resistance, and the core has good toughness, so that the tooth root strength and service life are improved compared with medium-hard tooth surfaces. However, if the hardness of the hard gear reducer of the hard gear reducer produced does not meet the requirements, or the operation is improper or the service cycle is too long, the wear of the hard gear will be accelerated, which will affect the normal operation of the transmission force. , We need to avoid the above situation.

First of all, the main manifestations of failure after long-term use are: increased vibration and increased noise during use, and the main reason for this situation is generally that the parts in the chassis are too worn or damaged.

Secondly, the parts that may be damaged are gear tooth surface wear, gear tooth breakage, gear shaft hole or keyway being worn, the screw hole at the bearing hole is prone to failure due to wear, and the shaft surface and keyway are also easy to use for a long time. And wear. If it is because of the wear of the shaft hole of the hard tooth surface reducer, I will tell you a simple method, that is, you can use the electroplating method to restore the original accuracy of the parts; but if it is a hard gear surface, the gear teeth are broken and damaged At that time, it was already a fatal injury, and only reworked new parts.

Therefore, to choose a hard-tooth surface reducer manufacturer, first of all, we must be optimistic about the qualification of the manufacturer of the reducer, and must select the model in the selection process to ensure the safety factor of the hard-tooth surface reducer, and operate in strict accordance with the manual. In order to exert the effect of hard tooth surface reducer. In addition, the reducer should be cleaned regularly. The gearbox cleaning machine uses the original oil supply and discharge system of the gearbox and the filtered old oil to realize the functions of cleaning the gearbox, quickly filtering waste oil, and filling new oil. The operation process does not change the hardware facilities, which ensures the safe operation of the gearbox and extends the service life.

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