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The function of reducer in mechanical device

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The function of reducer in mechanical device

The reducer is a mechanism that is commonly used in engineering practice to transmit power. Its application is very wide. It can be seen in daily life and various mechanical transmission systems. As a commonly used transmission device, its working state and performance have a significant impact on the overall operating effect of the entire working system. Therefore, in order to obtain well-functioning mechanical equipment, people have always been committed to improving the working performance of the reducer.

Through the application of the reducer in practice, it can be analyzed that its main functions in mechanical devices are:

11) To meet the work needs of the actuator, change the output speed and torque of the prime mover;

21) Change the motion form of the prime mover output to meet the needs of the motion form of the actuator, and realize the mutual conversion between rotary motion and linear motion;

31) Realize the transmission of mechanical energy between the prime mover and the actuator, and can transmit the mechanical energy of a single or several prime movers to several or a single actuator;

(4)In addition to the above functions, other functions; for example, adding a reducer to some mechanical equipment can facilitate the installation, commissioning, fault maintenance and use of the equipment, and ensure the personal safety of the operators.

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