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What are the measures to control the noise of the gear reducer?

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What are the measures to control the noise of the gear reducer?

Before the gear reducer is used, the noise of the gearbox will be caused by some reasons during the use. The cause of noise in the case of the gear reducer and the measures to be taken are described.

Reasons for noise after assembly and before use:

①The gear box itself causes noise due to assembly, gear accuracy and meshing. When the gearbox is assembled, due to the unsatisfactory fit between the gear and the shaft and the careless operation of the workers, the installation error of the gear is relatively large, resulting in noise during work.

② Gears are produced in batches and using special machine tools and equipment, and low manufacturing precision can also cause gearbox noise.

③When the user installs, the motor coupling and the gearbox coupling are not concentric.

④The rack platform where the gearbox is placed resonates with the gearbox to generate noise.

⑤ In the absence of good lubrication, the wear of gears and bearings will become more serious with the passage of time, so that the meshing gap between the gears and the gears will increase, the meshing accuracy will be reduced, and greater noise will be generated.

⑥After using for a long time, the bearing will be broken due to higher load, or the teeth of the gear will be knocked out and other reasons will produce noise.

Methods to reduce the noise of the reduction gearbox:

①Improve the accuracy of gears and select appropriate gear parameters;

②Train assembly workers to improve their assembly level and reduce gear installation errors;

③Adjust the concentricity of the motor coupling and gearbox coupling;

④ Reinforce the rack platform to reduce resonance;

⑤Change the lubrication of gears, reduce the wear between gears and bearings and the meshing gap between gears and gears.

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