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DQJ series Point line meshing gear reducer


1. Application range of DQJ series point-line meshing gear reducer

Applicable for the driving gear of mechanical equipment used in hoisting transportation, metallurgy, mine,

chemical industry and light industry.

2. Performance characteristics

①.A advanced technic level of international.

②.All gears are made of quality alloy steel ,gear precision up to ISO1328-1:1997 Class 7.

③. Small size, light weight, high precision, large carrying capacity, high efficiency, long life, high reliability, smooth transmission, low noise.

④.Compared with other involute gear reducers with the same specification, more cost-effective,loading capacity can be increased once to twice, the same transmission power, size can be less than No. 2, the weight can reduce more than 30%.

3. the scope of application

①.Circumferential speed of gear wheel s16m/s;

②.Rotation speed of high shaft s1000r/min;

③.Operating ambient temperature:-40℃~+45℃;

④.Operable both forwards and backwards.

4. assembly type

Assembly type


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