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China Reducer Industry Information

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China Reducer Industry Information

Since the market share of high-end reducer products in my country has accounted for 1/4-1/3 of the total market in the past two years, and from the perspective of development trends, the market share of high-end reducer products in my country will continue to be about 5% per year. The speed increases. At the same time, it is predicted that the domestic demand for hard-tooth surface reducers this year will reach more than 200,000 units, marine reducers will reach about 40,000 units, and the annual market demand for conical and cylindrical gear reducers will exceed 60,000 units. In addition, for the needs of different industries, high-power, lightweight, coaxial gear reducers for road rollers, rammers, and road excavators have a good market in energy, transportation and infrastructure construction; high-capacity gear reducers There is a great demand in mine underground transportation; high temperature resistant, high bearing capacity planetary gear reducers have bright prospects in the start-up of steel smelting converters; gear reducers with functions of reversing, clutching, deceleration and spiral propulsion are used in the shipping industry Has many uses. In addition, a new generation of high-tech three-ring series reducers can gain a share in the international market; high-power and large-span cylindrical gear reducers in the lifting and transportation industries, and special industrial and mining booms with a large engineering variable speed range. Planetary friction type stepless speed reducer, planetary gear reducer with small size and low noise, medium-hard tooth surface reducer with strong bearing capacity, vertical shaft hard tooth surface reducer and other characteristic reducers also have good market demand.

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