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  • 2020-08-11
    2020 Jiangsu Taixinglong reducer-unite and struggle and set sail
  • 2020-05-07
    Credit Information Disclosure Commitment
  • 2016-07-12
    Some users break the output shaft of the drive motor after running the equipment for several months. Why did the reducer twist the output shaft of the drive motor? For this reason, we checked the cross section of the output shaft of the drive motor and found that it was almost identical to the cross section of the output shaft of the reducer. The outer ring of the cross section is brighter, and the color of the section becomes darker towards the axis, and finally it is broken at the axis!
  • 2016-06-20
    First, let’s understand the scope of application of geared motors and see where they generally work. They are generally applicable to metallurgy, mining, light industry, chemical steel, cement, printing, sugar, food, gum, pickles, construction, Heavy transportation, fan and other industries, and can be used to import equipment.
  • 2016-06-02
    Reducer use skills: 1. After 200 to 300 hours of operation, the oil should be changed for the first time, and the quality of the oil should be checked regularly in future use. The oil mixed with impurities or deteriorated should be replaced in time. Under normal circumstances, for a long-term continuous working reducer, the reducer that has been out of service for a long time should be replaced with new oil after 5000 hours of operation or once a year.
  • 2016-05-13
    At present, the commonly used reducers in China can be roughly divided into five categories: gear reducers, planetary gear reducers, worm gear reducers, pendulum pin wheel reducers and various hybrid transmission boxes, in addition to other types of reducers Machine, but the application is not very common yet.
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