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Gear reducer use skills

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Gear reducer use skills

Reducer use skills:
1. After 200~300 hours of operation, the oil should be changed for the first time, and the quality of the oil should be checked regularly in the future use, and the oil mixed with impurities or deteriorated should be replaced in time. Under normal circumstances, for a long-term continuous working reducer, the new oil should be replaced after 5000 hours of operation or once a year. For the long-term deactivated reducer, the new oil should be replaced before restarting the reducer. The reducer should add the same oil as the original brand. , Do not mix with oils of different grades. Oils with the same grade but different viscosity are allowed to be mixed.
2. When changing the oil, wait for the reducer to cool down and there is no danger of burning, but it should still be kept warm, because the viscosity of the oil increases after it is completely cooled and it is difficult to drain the oil. Note: Cut off the power supply of the transmission to prevent accidental power-on!
3. During work, when the oil temperature rises above 80°C or the oil pool temperature exceeds 100°C and abnormal noise is found, stop using it, check the cause, remove the fault, and replace the lubricating oil before continuing to run .
4. The user should have reasonable use and maintenance rules and regulations, and carefully record the operation of the reducer and the problems found during the inspection. The above regulations should be strictly implemented.

Inspection and maintenance:
Gear Transmission Lubricant
Grease selection When selecting the grease according to the bearing load of the walking reducer, the grease with a small penetration degree should be selected for heavy loads. When working under high pressure, in addition to low penetration, it also has higher oil film strength and extreme pressure performance. When selecting grease based on environmental conditions, calcium-based grease is not easily soluble in water and is suitable for dry and low-water environments. When selecting grease according to working temperature, the main indicators should be dropping point, oxidation stability and low-temperature performance. The dropping point can generally be used to evaluate high-temperature performance. The actual working temperature of the bearing should be 10-20℃ lower than the dropping point. The use temperature of synthetic grease should be 20-30℃ lower than the dropping point.
It is forbidden to mix different lubricants. The positions of the oil level plug, the oil drain plug and the breather are determined by the installation position. Their relative positions can be determined with reference to the installation position diagram of the reducer.
Check the oil level:
• Cut off the power to prevent electric shock. Wait for the reducer to cool down.
• Remove the oil level plug to check if the oil is full.
• Install the oil level plug.
Oil inspection
• Cut off the power to prevent electric shock. Wait for the reducer to cool down.
• Open the oil drain plug and take an oil sample.
• Check the viscosity index of the oil
——If the oil is obviously turbid, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.
• For reducer with oil level plug
——Check the oil level, whether it is qualified
——Install the oil level plug
Oil replacement:
After cooling, the viscosity of the oil increases and it is difficult to drain the oil. The reducer should change the oil at the operating temperature.
• Cut off the power to prevent electric shock. Wait for the reducer to cool down and there is no danger of burning.
Note: The reducer should still be warm when changing the oil.
• Place an oil pan under the oil drain plug.
• Open the oil level plug, breather and oil drain plug.
• Drain all the oil.
• Install the oil drain plug.
• Inject new oil of the same brand.
• The amount of oil should be consistent with the installation position.
• Check the oil level at the oil level plug.
• Tighten the oil level plug and breather.

Lubrication of reducer:
Before putting it into operation, put the recommended model and value of grease into the reducer. The reducer is lubricated with lubricating oil. For the vertically installed reducer, since the lubricating oil may not guarantee the reliable lubrication of the uppermost bearing, additional lubrication measures are adopted.
Before operation, inject an appropriate amount of lubricating oil into the reducer. The viscosity of the lubricating oil is selected according to the following list. The reducer is usually equipped with an oil filling hole and an oil drain plug. Therefore, the installation location must be specified when ordering the reducer. The following table lists the brands and models of lubricants recommended for general applications.
Note: For applications with unconventional working conditions, please consult the manufacturer.
The working oil temperature cannot exceed 80°C.
The life-time lubricated combination reducer is filled with synthetic oil in the manufacturer. In addition, the reducer is usually supplied without lubricating oil, with an oil filling plug and an oil drain plug. The quantity of lubricating oil for the reducer is only an estimate. Set the position of the oil level plug according to the installation position specified when ordering to ensure correct oil filling. The oil filling amount of the reducer should be determined according to different installation methods. If the transmission power exceeds the heat capacity of the reducer, an external cooling device must be provided.

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