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What should we do if the geared motor is damp?

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What should we do if the geared motor is damp?

First, let’s understand the scope of application of geared motors and see where they generally work. They are generally applicable to metallurgy, mining, light industry, chemical steel, cement, printing, sugar, food, gum, pickles, construction, Heavy transportation, fan and other industries, and can be used to import equipment. In these applicable fields, we can understand that the working environment is relatively humid. Perhaps other environments may be affected by the weather. What we say is affected is that our geared motors are affected by the humid environment. It is directly related to operational issues. How should we solve this problem? What do we need to pay attention to? Let's share our troubleshooting process. Let's solve it according to two aspects: One is the electric welding machine drying method. The operation wiring of the DC electric welding machine drying method is similar to that of AC, and the series of ammeter should be a DC ammeter. It is more convenient to use a DC welding machine to dry the damp geared motor. At the same time, it can face large and medium-sized geared motors and high-voltage geared motors for a long time. In this way, when the welding machine works for a long time or high current, its internal components will not be damaged due to long time high current work, so it can be used for large and medium-sized geared motors for a long time. The most important thing to note is that when these two methods are used for drying, all contacts must be in good contact and fastened. The lead wire of the welding machine must be a special wire, and the size of the cross section should meet the current carrying capacity of the welding machine. Pay attention to the cooling of the transformer of the electric welding machine, and also pay close attention to the winding temperature of the geared motor and adjust the voltage in time. The second is the external heat source heating method. After the damp geared motor is disassembled and inspected, a high-power incandescent bulb is placed inside the geared motor to bake it, or the geared motor is placed in a drying room for drying. This method is easy to operate, safe and reliable, but it is only suitable for small geared motors that are easy to disassemble and inspect. For large and medium-sized or difficult-to-disassemble geared motors, the workload is relatively large, and the feasibility is also reduced. In this method, it should be noted that the bulb or heat source should not be too close to the coil during operation to prevent the coil from being burned out. You can cover the geared motor housing with canvas and other items for heat preservation. The above two solutions will affect the long-term outdoor operation of the geared motor and the bad weather caused by the indoor operation. On the one hand, the dampness of the motor affects our normal work and operation, and on the other hand, it also has certain safety problems. Therefore, to avoid these problems, we should also do this work in accordance with the normal operating procedures. Our staff must carefully handle the damp problem of the geared motor. Do the protection work normally, the motor is running normally, and the smooth running of the reducer will bring us the work efficiency you need to achieve.

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