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The advantages and disadvantages and development trends of various reducers

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The advantages and disadvantages and development trends of various reducers

At present, the commonly used reducers in China can be roughly divided into five categories: gear reducers, planetary gear reducers, worm gear reducers, pendulum pin wheel reducers and various hybrid transmission boxes, in addition to other types of reducers Machine, but the application is not very common yet.
1. Gear reducer is the most widely used type of reducer, which includes cylindrical gear reducer, bevel gear reducer and bevel-cylindrical gear reducer, etc., as companies such as Fenderer and SEW produce and With the increase in market expansion, many types of cylindrical gear reducers have been applied in my country, such as the R, F, and K series reducers used by SEW for medium and small power, in addition to expandable cylindrical gear reducers for medium and high power Cylindrical gear reducer for extruder and mixer. The above types of products are not only produced by foreign companies directly in the country, but some of the nearly 100 domestic manufacturers produce domestic standard ZDY, ZLY, ZSY, DBY and DCY series products and non-standard products. Most of the other manufacturers also produce It is a series of imitation foreign products. An indisputable fact is that the product system of such products in the industry is basically dominated by foreign companies. This is obviously not conducive to the growth of domestic reducer companies and the development of the industry, and it is very easy to cause product property rights disputes. One adopts modularization. A product series system with design technology and independent intellectual property rights needs to be established urgently. However, due to the influence and restriction of various factors, despite the appeals and efforts of many domestic institutions for many years, the progress has not been satisfactory, and the prospects are still unclear.
2. Planetary gear reducer is another type of transmission product that is also commonly used in the market. Due to the series of advantages of planetary gear transmission technology itself, it is also due to the rapid development of China's industry in recent years, which has greatly promoted Thanks to the rapid development and application of planetary gear transmission technology in China, various planetary gear transmission technologies and corresponding products have been developed and applied. The product varieties and specifications are gradually enriched, and the maximum transmission load of products has reached an unprecedented level. The performance has basically reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. With the improvement of the equipment conditions of domestic related manufacturing enterprises, many enterprises have also joined the ranks of planetary gearbox manufacturers in recent years.

In addition to the above types, there are some other types of worm reducer series on the market, but they are no longer listed due to limited use or small production quantities.
The modular update of the worm gear reducer has been completed, and the performance is close to that of foreign products. Work should continue to be carried out on product types and updated series to introduce a new generation of products in due course.
4. Cycloidal pinwheel reducers are mainly used for medium and small power transmissions with large speed ratios. The current domestic product standards are mainly JB/T2982-1994. Because the product performance has a large gap compared with foreign countries, it has experienced After a few years of \"cycloid fever\", the number of manufacturers of cycloid reducer has dropped sharply in recent years, and many manufacturers have stopped producing such products and switched to other types of products. Realizing product performance improvement and upgrading as soon as possible is also an urgent choice that should not be avoided when the cycloid pinwheel reducer seeks vitality.
5. There are many types of various hybrid transmission boxes, which are basically dedicated series or non-standard products, such as wind and hydropower speed increase boxes, vertical mill main drive gear boxes, large extruder gear boxes, and so on. In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic economy, the development and manufacturing of hybrid transmission cases have been developed rapidly, and the product level is basically equivalent to that of foreign countries. It can be predicted that with the continuous development of technology in various industries, there is still a lot of room for the development and application of various types of hybrid transmission boxes, and will surely achieve greater development.

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