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How to choose the bracket in the reducer accessories

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How to choose the bracket in the reducer accessories

ReducerIt plays an important role in the operation of the equipment, but the parts that make up the reducer are also very important. If the performance of the parts does not meet the requirements, the effect of the reducer cannot be exerted. The bracket is one of the important parts of the reducer, how to choose it?
For the bracket, the brackets selected by different reducers are different. When the screw jack is selected, in principle, the reducer bracket model is determined according to the size of the output shaft diameter of the reducer, but in many cases, as long as the interface form and size match, because When using the bracket, the size of the output shaft of the reducer can be floated up and down within a certain range. If you choose the reducer bracket with connecting plate, if the installation size of the reducer does not match the reducer bracket, you can contact the manufacturer for adjustment. The stirring shaft uses the two supporting bearings of the output shaft of the reducer as the force fulcrum. It can be used to transmit small power, not or only subjected to a small axial load, and a stirring device that is not too strong. The connection between the mixing shaft and the reducer must use a rigid coupling.
Different types of reducer require different types of brackets. Generally, the production configuration is based on the needs of the reducer, and the manufacturer will configure it for you. In addition to the bracket, there are many parts that are selected according to the reducer configuration. Only when the accessories are installed to meet the requirements and meet the requirements of the reducer can the effect of the reducer be exerted.

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