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Introduction and application of coupling

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Introduction and application of coupling

Couplings can be divided into three categories: rigid couplings, flexible couplings and safety couplings. Each category can have several varieties, such as rigid couplings and flange couplings, sleeve couplings, etc. Rigid couplings can only be used to connect two strictly coaxial shafts. The flexible coupling, due to the special design of the structure, has many functions.

Such as: 1. Compensate the axial displacement, radial displacement and angular displacement of the two connected shafts caused by manufacturing and installation errors to avoid excessive additional load (turtle strength) at the shaft end.

2. Alleviate the torsional impact on the shaft when the reducer is working.

3. Change the resonant speed of the shaft system, for example, when the shock absorption work is the same. The larger the torsion angle based on the torque (that is, the smaller the stiffness), the smaller the impact torque. The lower the resonance speed. In addition, the moment of inertia of the coupling also affects the resonance speed of the shaft.

4. Reduce the torsional vibration of the shaft. However, this can only be achieved when a structure with greater external damping (increasing friction damping) or a material with greater internal damping (such as rubber, plastic, etc.) is used as the intermediate force transmission member of the coupling. When the machine is accidentally overloaded, it will often cause damage to the transmission or other parts. If a safety coupling is used in the transmission shaft system, the breaking, separation or slippage of the coupling elements in the sleeve coupling can interrupt the power flow of the transmission or limit the transmission of the power flow, which can play a safety protection role. There are many types of safety couplings. Such as shear pin type, steel sand type, friction type, magnetic powder type and other couplings. Since the safety coupling can automatically cut off the connection of the shaft during operation, some safety couplings have the same function as the safety clutch.



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