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What are the steps for reducer selection

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What are the steps for reducer selection

Step 1: Select the installation method and type of the reducer.
Step 2: Preliminarily determine the production process and parameters of the product, select the performance level, and select the material, processing technology, processing and lubrication methods used in the reducer.
The third step: Determine the transmission ratio. Determine the transmission ratio according to the needs of mechanical transmission.
Step 4: Determine specific parameters. Calculate the center distance, torque, key length and required motor power of the reducer.
Step 5: Integrate the overall design plan. Determine the shaft size, bearing, structure, etc. of the reducer.
Step 6: Proofreading. Check the strength of gears, keys, shafts and other components to calculate the life.
Step 7: Calculate the intensity of lubrication and cooling.
Step 8: Determine the specific accessories required by the reducer.
Step 9: Determine the depth of carburizing and quenching. In special cases, relevant data such as gear shape and tooth direction should be calculated.
Step 10: Draw the reducer drawings. In the whole design, it must be in accordance with the relevant national and industry standards to achieve the goal of smooth use.

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