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ZL(ZLH) type Cylindrical Gear Reducer


1. Application range and advantages of ZL(ZLH) type Cylindrical Gear Reducer

This machine is widely used in various lifting, transportation, mining machinery and other machinery for deceleration. Its linkage mode: it can be directly linked with a coupling or can be linked with a flexible V-belt.

This machine has strong versatility and interchangeability, simple maintenance, and has the advantages of sticky starting resistance and flexible movement.

2. Structure overview and main components

The structure of this machine is a two-stage three-axis cylindrical helical gear horizontally divided and fully enclosed type. The lubricating oil is contained in the reducer. There are oil baffles on the driving shaft and the intermediate shaft. The fulcrums of each shaft are equipped with flow bearings. The axial clearance can be adjusted by the internal adjustment ring. The upper part of the machine has an inspection cover and the lower part has an inspection cover. Oil indicator pointer and oil plug for draining waste oil.

The gears and shafts are made of excellent carbon steel and have been quenched and tempered. The gears are mostly made of cast steel and normalized. The box material is gray cast iron-HT200 and has been aging treated. The gears are hobbed with 8 precision. Helical teeth, the inclination angle is 9°22', and the sum of the number of teeth of the two spouse wheels is 148 teeth.

3. Shape and installation dimensions

Shape and installation dimensions

Four, specifications



Bearing capacity table

Cylindrical and medium hard gear reducer-32



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