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ZS(ZSH) type Cylindrical Gear Reducer


One,Overview of ZS (ZSH) cylindrical gear reducer

ZS type reducer is a three-stage involute cylindrical gear reducer, ZSH is a three-stage circular arc cylindrical gear reducer, and ZSSH is a three-stage double circular cylindrical gear reducer. They are mainly used in the mechanical transmission of various mechanical equipment such as mining, metallurgy, cement, construction, chemical industry, light industry, etc. The high-speed shaft speed does not exceed 1500r/min, the gear circumferential speed does not exceed 18m/s, and the working environment is -40℃~ +40℃, can run forward and reverse.

2. Shape and installation dimensions

Shape and installation dimensions

3. Specifications

Cylindrical and medium hard gear reducer -35 parameters

Cylindrical and medium hard gear reducer-35

Bearing capacity table

Bearing capacity table

Cylindrical and medium hard gear reducer-36


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