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Crane Gearbox

Crane Gearbox used for each of related mechanism on the hoist, also for the transmission of mechanical equipment in transportation, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, and light industry with working condition as follows:

1)Peripheral speed of the gear wheel does not exceed 20m/s

2)Rotating speed of high speed shaft does not exceed 1500r/min

3)Working ambient temperature is"+45 C

4)Both forward and backward rotation are available

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Classification and application scope of reducer

QY series reducer includes hard tooth face reducer for type QYS (3-supporting-point and type QYD (pedestal type)hoists. It has 3-step, 4-step and 3 and 4 combined type, see figure 1 for structural diagram.


Main features

Based on the working characteristics of each mechanism on the hoist, scope of transmission rate, less specification is used to meet various requirements of the users while improving product performance with the features as follows.

1)Higher carrying capacity. The gear wheel is treated with carbonization, quenching, gear grinding to get much higher carrying capacity than soft tooth face and medium hard tooth face reducer treated with hardening, tempering and hobbing.

2)Compact and light-weighted. Compared with soft tooth face and medium hard tooth face declerator, the reducer with the ame carrying capacity will have decreased pedestal number by 24 equivalent.

3)Higher efficiency, lower noise, and lower vibration. Gear grinding is introduced to increase grade of precision, and also thebrim of gear wheel is trimmed, so the general efficiency of each step of hoist is 0. 98, with much lower vibration and noise.

4)Multiple steps are introduced to decrease single step transmission ratio so as to widen the center distance, to decrease the overall height of the reducer is up to 400 to meet the requirement of slow speed hoist 53-supporting-point reducer can be installed vertically, horizontally, or in deflection by certain degrees, with much convenience and flexibility.

6)This series of reducer has 3 and4-step combined type. (i.e., assembly form of 3-step with the transmission ratio of 4-step,providing the precondition for generalizing slow speed hoist.

Technical Parameter

Shell material

Q235 steel plate welding /HT200-250

Gear material


Gear surface hardness


Gear core hardness


Output shaft material


Output shaft hardness


Gear machining accuracy

5-6 grade precision gear grinding


GB L-CKC220-320

Heat treatment

carburizing, quenching, etc.


94%-98% (depending on the transmission  stage)

Noise (maximum)

60-76 decibels

Temperature rise (maximum)


Temperature rise (oil) (maximum)

Vibration ≤20μm
Error ≤20Arcmin
Bearing brands SKF,FAG,NSK
Oil seal brand NAK - Taiwan or other brand requirements

Assembly form

The two series reducer have same assembly form as follows

Assembly form

Shaft end modc

High-speed shaft end uses cylindrical shaft extension with flat key for connection ow-speed shaft end has 3 forms available as follows

a Type P: cylindrical shaft extension, flat key, single key for connection

b Type H: cylindrical shaft extension, involute spline for connection

c Type C: gearwheel shaft end (only the reducer with nominal center distance of 180-560mm has gear wheel shaft end). See figure 5 and table 1 form and dimension of low-speed shaft end

Shaft end modc

Model and notation


QY3S External and installation dimensions




QY3D External and installation dimensions

installation dimensions


Production Ability

NILES ZE400 Gear Grinding machines

NILES ZE400 Gear Grinding machines

Horizontal Machining Center imported from Korea

Machining Center imported from Korea

YK7380 Digital Shaped Gear Grinding Machines

Digital Shaped Gear Grinding Machines



Metalworking Workshop

Metalworking Workshop


Heat treatment plant

Slant bed type CNC lathes

Slant bed type CNC lathes

CNC hob sharpening grinding machine

CNC hob sharpening grinding machine

Circular grinding machine

Circular grinding machine

Main production equipment to guarantee quality!

Processing center, imported high precision equipment

The horizontal machining center

The horizontal machining center imported from Korea adopts fanuc31i system from Japan. With APC and ATC, it can realize the functions of boring, milling, drilling, tapping and automatic detection with high precision and high efficiency.

horizontal machining center


VMC 1100 vertical machining center

VMC 1100 vertical machining center adopts the Japanese fan oimd operating system, which can realize the functions of three-axis three linkage and 24 cutter automatic exchange, and has the functions of boring, milling, reaming, drilling, tapping and automatic chip removal, with high precision and high efficiency, and the accuracy is above grade 6.

 VMC 1100 vertical machining center


Gear grinding and hobbing equipment workshop

Niles gear grinding machine imported from Germany

Niles gear grinding machine imported from Germany is suitable for gear processing with high quality and high precision. The quality of external teeth can reach grade 3, and the quality of internal teeth can reach grade 4 (according to German dn3962 standard). The structure is compact, high toughness and shock absorption cast iron. The Siemens 840D control system is adopted. It is ergonomically designed, and the machine tool has good accessibility. The operator's standing height is on the floor of the workshop.

Niles gear grinding machine imported from Germany


Yk7380 CNC high precision gear grinding machine

Yk7380 CNC high precision gear grinding machine has the advantages of simple operation, high precision, high efficiency, high reliability and stability, and high degree of automation. The machine tool is full closed-loop control, with a wide variety of processing objects and flexible gear profile and tooth direction modification.

Yk7380 CNC high precision gear grinding machine



Hardened teeth, metalworking, heat treatment, box equipment workshop

Production department, equipment department, metalworking workshop, box workshop, heat treatment workshop, assembly workshop, paint workshop, physical and chemical room, measurement room, testing room, with 186 sets of domestic first-class production and testing equipment, continuously introducing foreign advanced technology, professional research and development, production of various types of reducer.

Hardened teeth, metalworking, heat treatment, box equipment workshop



Testing equipment

The company has precision testing equipment to inspect, measure and test reducer products. Effective control, strict control, provide quality products!

testing equipment

Company profile

Jiangsu Taixinglong Reducer Co., Ltd., established in 2002, is a high-tech enterprise integrating technical research and development, industrial production and marketing. It is located in Taixing Science and Technology Industrial Park. Taixinglong covers an area of 32,000 square meters including a building area of 12,800 square meters, has 469 employees including 56 engineering technicians, 16 senior engineers and 3 senior economists, 186 sets of domestic first-class production and inspection equipment, and fixed assets of RMB 76.79 million, realizes an annual output value and sales volume of RMB 600 million, and is a leading company in China reducer industry.

Taixinglong has ISO, CQC certificate, and Taixinglong products have been exported to more than 30 countries in the world including Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and so on.

taixinglong factory

Honors and certificates

China "Qualified Supplier of Water Conservancy Project Hoist"

Member of China Gear Manufacturer Association

China Conveyor and Feeder Branch Member

China Heavy Machinery Industry Association Bridge Crane Branch Member

honors and certificates

Quality control

quality control

Production Strength

production strength

Cooperative partner

Cooperative partner


Contatc Us

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