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DFY Hard Tooth Surface Reducer


1. Overview of DFY hard tooth surface reducer

Reducer with hard tooth surface includes parallel shaft and vertical shaft series. Parallel shaft reducer is manufactured according to national standard (JB/T8853-2001). The products are optimized designed with advanced level international.It includes 4 series of ZDY(single stage), ZLY(2-stage), ZSY(3-stage)and ZFY(4-stage). Veritical shaft reducer is manufactured according to national standard (JB/T9002-1999) and used as driving device that has vertical arrangement of input and output shaft. and it includes 3 series of dby dcy and dey

① Properties

(1) Preferential design is applied in main parameter such as center distance and nominal drive ratio, which guarantee good interconnection between key parts and components.

(2) All gears are made of high quality alloy steel and treated with carburising and quenching, with tooth surface hardness up to 54-62HRC.

(3) Small size, light weight, high precision, large carrying capacity, high efficiency, long service life, high reliability, stable driving, and low noise.

(4) Normally oil sump lubrication is used, with cooling naturally. If thermal power can not be achieved, circular oil lubrication or fan may be used, and cooled with cooling coil pipe.


(1) Input rotage speed n, is 1500r/min.

(2) Gear wheel driving peripheral speed is s20m/sec.

(3) Ambient temperature is -40℃~ 50℃ . If it is < O℃, lubricant should be preheated to > 0℃ before startup. Running both forward and backward are available for this reducer.

(4) Applicable for the industries such as metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, construction materials, hoisting, transportation, textile, paper making, paper making, instrument, plastic, rubber, engineering machinery, and energy industry.

2.size, weight, oil quantity table

Dimensions, weight, fuel gauge

Installation form

Installation form

3. Specifications