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QJ series Crane Reducer


1. Overview of QJ series crane reducer

QJ series reducer is applicable for relative device of the crane,as well as for the driving gear of mechanical

equipment used in transportation,metallurgy,chemical engineering,and light industry.

2. Features

(1) Wide range of reduction ratio,nominal speed ratio 10~200;

(2) High efficiency of mechanical drive with Class II up to 96% and class III up to 94%;

(3) Running smoothly,low noise;

(4) Gear wheel and gear shaft are made of 42CrMo,35CrMo and treated with forging,hardening and tempering for long service life and high carrying capacity;

(5) Easy for dismounting and inspection,easy for installation.

3. applicable conditions

(1)Circumferential speed of gear wheel s16m/s

(2)Rotation speed of high-speed shaft s1000r/min;

(3)Operating ambient temperature:-40℃~45℃

(4)Operable both forward and backwards.

4. model and speed ratio

Model and speed ratio