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TPB3S parallel axis three stage planetary gear reducer


1. TPB3S parallel axis three stage planetary gear reducer type

TPB2N-two stage planetary gear transmission

TPB2L-straight shaft, two stage planetary gear transmission

TPB2S-parallel shaft, two stage planetary gear transmission

TPB2K-straight, parallel shaft, two stage planetary gear transmission

TPB3N-three stage planetary gear transmission

TPB3S-parallel shaft ,, three stage planetary gear transmission

TPB3K-straight, parallel shaft,, three stage planetary gear transmission

2. Requirements and instructions

★To select the appropriate TPB series planetary reducer, please follow the detailed instructions in the catalog.

★The planetary reducer can be installed directly, but no lubricating oil is provided.

★The fuel filling amount given is only a reference value, and the actual fuel filling amount should be based on the mark on the oil standard.

If the reducer is not specified, it is generally oil-immersed lubrication. If you need to use forced lubrication, please contact us.

★For all specifications of the B521 and B531 mounting types and the reducer above No. 21 specifications of the B511 mounting type, the input part bearings need to be lubricated with a pump.

★For V100/300, V110/310, V120/320, 130/V330 installation type reducers, in order to ensure lubrication, the oil level must be increased accordingly, and a compensation oil tank must be installed. The compensation oil tank can be installed on the reducer or on the host of the user, please contact us when determining this item.

★When the ambient temperature is below 0℃, the lubricating oil should be preheated to above 0℃. When the ambient temperature is above 40℃, heat insulation and cooling measures should be taken. The use site should avoid harsh environments, such as: salt water, salty air, irritating substances, dust, mud, falling rocks or flying rocks,Excessive pressure, strong vibration and shock load, etc.

★The shrink disk hollow shaft reducer is provided with the shrink disk according to the standard, but no protective device is provided. In order to prevent accidents, all rotating parts should be protected in accordance with safety regulations.

★The minimum performance level of foundation bolts is 8.8, with horizontal backing plate and anti-corrosion treatment.

The drawings in the sample are just examples and do not require strict consistency. The dimensions noted may be changed and the relevant parameters may be improved.

The weights noted are only average values, and strict consistency is not required.

3. Specifications